Zhulia Founder Julia

The Zhulia Brand Philosophy

To create fashion-forward fine pearl jewelry using the finest materials made by the hands of trained craftsman.

Offering a modern twist to pearl jewelry, Julia combines her love of fashion and the traditional aspects of fine jewelry to design uniquely luxurious collections for today’s modern woman.

With a life-long love of fashion, Zhulia founder and designer, Julia, set out to create an exciting, modern jewelry collection that embraces a woman’s desire for the new and bold, but at the core is always feminine and organic.

“Designing jewelry is my creative outlet. It’s a way for me to bring a little beauty and joy to each of my customer’s lives.”

Fascinated by Asian culture as a child, Julia spent several years studying and working in Asia: in Hong Kong and Shanghai.  While living in Shanghai, she traveled to the villages and areas outside of the city, and there she discovered and fell in love with the art of freshwater pearl farming.

Mesmerized by the beauty and simplicity of freshwater pearls, Julia embarked on a new journey from Asia to New York, and finally to Southern California to study the fine art of jewelry making from the World experts: The Gemological Institute of America.

She designs with both freshwater and saltwater pearls, sourcing from South East Asia and China/Hong Kong.

“Pearls are one of nature’s most fascinating jewels. No two pearls are exactly the same, and it’s the artistic combination that creates a piece of jewelry that is truly something special.”

“To me, jewelry is every woman’s fashion signature – a way to showcase her individuality.”

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